Client Follow Up Action Kit

Michelle Nickolaisen
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Things that are really easy to overlook & forget as a business owner:

  • Your current and previous clients clients
  • Personal hygiene

Why that sucks:

  • Happy clients are your number one source of future cash – forgetting that is a borderline-criminal assault upon your bottom line
  • Obvious reasons

I don’t know what I can do to help you with the no-time-to-shower thing (although you could say that pretty much everything I do is designed to find you time to shower – nifty!), but I can for-sure help with the current client thing.

This kit takes out all the guesswork involved. It includes:

  • The client follow up task list, which will give you a step-by-step list of what to do to get your client follow up systems in place
  • Three email templates that you can modify for you & your biz to keep in touch with past clients – without being annoying or pushy
  • A tool report that breaks down the price and features of three CRM options that work for freelancers & solopreneurs – not the huge, bulky CRMs that are meant for managing large teams or just watching sales metrics, but ones that will fit into your budget and help you set up a system that works for you
  • A quick how-to video for each of those options that shows you how to set up follow-up reminders
  • An overview of three runner-up options that are more team/sales based, in case you want to take a look at those or keep them around for future reference
  • A bonus report on client/customer follow up for products and classes or workshops!

The material is just enough to outline how simple this whole client follow-up thing can truly be, and just flexible enough to let you put your own special snowflake stamp on it. All told, it’s enough to save you hours of researching, indecision, sorting through online FAQs, and agonizing over what to do next. You won’t be overwhelmed, I promise. The hardest part? Starting. Everything else is gravy, which means more dough for you. 

And you’ll get it all in one handy-dandy file that you can download and put to use right away! What’re you waiting for? 

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Client Follow Up Action Kit

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