Rock Your Systems: The Course

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Things that are really easy to do as a business owner:

  • Get stuck in a reactive pattern
  • Have a hard time carving out time to plan
  • Make promises to yourself that you can’t figure out how to keep

What makes the difference between having promisey-dreamy-never-gonna-happens and an actual plan that ?

1. Actively setting aside the time + energy to work on your dreams. Despite our best intentions, we spend a  of time in reactive mode, and working on your long-term goals is the kind of work that needs an actual container – time carved out and set aside just for it.

2. Personalized, customized, specific action plans, instead of a canned, vague set of lists that doesn’t really make sense for you or your business.

Want to get both of those solutions in one spot? The Rock Your Systems self-study course is a great way to get both of these in a way that can be easily made to work around your schedule (since it’s self-study). In the course: 

  • Four lessons, each one with a workbook, an audio recording going over the lesson, and a transcript of said audio recording
  • Total of audio + transcripts is a little over 2 hours/20,000 words (lots of content, y’all!)

Course breakdown:

Lesson One: Introduction + Your Big Vision. So often, we create our plans without a clear end in mind – which is kind of like getting in a car without really knowing where you going. It can be a good learning experience (albeit frustrating as all get out), but it’s a horrible idea if you do, in fact, have somewhere you want to head towards.

Lesson Two: Systems for Your Big Vision. After covering the vision side of things, the next step is figuring out which 2-3 systems you should prioritize because they’ll help you move towards your big vision, creating outlines of those systems, and starting to put them in place ASAP (even if you didn’t think it was doable right now).

Lesson Three: The Nitty Gritty. Now that we’ve got a big vision in mind, we’re going to talk about the specifics – details and logistics. What do you need to be doing on a regular basis to actually turn your big vision into a reality? This covers how to figure that out and how to create plans that’ll make it easier for you to take action, not harder.

Lesson Four: Systems for Your Nitty Gritty. Much like during lesson two, this goes over how to figure out 2-3 systems to prioritize to make the nitty-gritty side of things happen (things like: content creation, marketing, joint ventures, etc.), as well as how to create outlines of those systems and start putting them in place.

I’m a new business owner, will this work for me? (See also: I’ve been in business for a bit, will this work for me?)

Regardless of where you’re at, this is for you if:

  • Your day to day activities feel kind of like you’re running on a hamster wheel – you’re putting in the effing effort (and lots of it), but you’re not actually going anywhere
  • The lack of clarity about what you should be doing on a day to day basis is straight up freaking you out – you’re sick and tired of waking up with the 3 AM “wtf am I doing” panic sweats
  • You’re ready to show up and do the work to fix these problems, and you want a hands-on solution
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Rock Your Systems: The Course

0 ratings
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